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Zero Waste Advent Calendar

December 17, 2018 Zero Waste Advent Calendar

This December, Zero Waste Yukon is counting down to Christmas with our Zero Waste Advent Calendar! Each day of the week will highlight a waste-free activity or gift you can give this year to reduce your holiday waste! Christmas can be a time of year where we generate a lot of unnecessary waste, so check back here daily for ideas on how you can spread joy this Christmas without spreading garbage! 

Zero Waste Advent Calendar


December 1: Local, handmade goods
Avoid packaging and support local artisans by finding handmade gifts.
Check out local markets, fairs, and stores for Yukon-made creations!

December 2: Going out for dinner
Treat your loved ones to a nice dinner on the town or a special meal at home.
Don’t forget your reusable container for leftovers!

December 3: Homemade dog treats
Surprise the dog owners in your life with some tasty homemade goodies for their pup.
There’s countless recipes online for dog treats that will make you a dog owner’s best friend!

December 4: Tickets to a show
Give the gift of entertainment with tickets to a musical act, theatre performance or movie.
Check out the Arts Centre, Guild Hall, Gwaandak Theatre and others for local performances!

December 5: Babysitting
Treat your friends or family with kids to a day off this holiday season by offering up your babysitting services as a gift.
Your loved ones will appreciate it more than any material gift!

December 6: Volunteering
Give back to a local charity this Christmas. Volunteering is a great family activity that teaches compassion and caring for others.
Contact Volunteer Yukon to learn about volunteer opportunities!

December 7: Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap
Say goodbye to plastic cling wrap with breathable, reusable cloth beeswax food wraps, the perfect kitchen stocking stuffer!
Available in Whitehorse at Riverside Grocery or make your own with these 
DIY instructions!

December 8: Secondhand Gear
Explore secondhand options for sports gear and save money this Christmas! There’s lots of secondhand items in great condition looking for a new home, check out ChangingGear and other local secondhand stores as well as the Buy and Sell!

December 9: Borrow from nature decorating
Avoid junk plastic decorations and borrow from nature! Harvest some tree boughs or pine cones to add a festive touch to your home, and don’t forget a natural Christmas tree!

December 10: Recycled decorations
Skip the plastic tree ornaments and craft something unique out of recycled materials. Your tree will be more personalized and it’s a great activity for quality time with the family!

December 11: Beer
Get your loved ones a refillable growler with some local brew in it. They can use it over and over again without having to waste bottles and cans!

December 12: Recipe Book
Have a favourite recipe? Secret guide to making the world’s best something? Why not share your recipes as a gift to a friend? It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

December 13: Go wrap free
Try keeping it simple this year and avoid hard to recycle Christmas wrapping paper by going wrap-free! Wrapping presents is as easy as tying a string bow around your gift and plopping it under the tree!

December 14: Learn a new skill
This Christmas, give the gift of learning! Instead of dancing around aisles in stores looking for the right material gift, why not try dance lessons? Or why not try learning a new hobby like weaving, painting, pottery, or glass blowing? You never know if you’ll find something you and your loved ones will love!

December 15: Reusable Coffee Filter!
This holiday, give the gift of paper-free coffee with a 100% cotton cloth coffee filter! No plastic, no metal, no paper. Simply compost your old grounds, then rinse and reuse for waste-free coffee this Christmas!

December 16: Curling!
This Christmas get your family and friends together and organize a curling game! Sheets of ice and equipment can be rented for you and your friends to enjoy a day of curling. It’s great fun, so hurry hard and visit Whitehorse Curling Club for more info.

December 17: Getaway
Instead of buying your family stuff this Christmas, why not treat them to a getaway? It could be as simple as a weekend out of town, but it will be a great opportunity for quality time and it won’t come wrapped in plastic!

December 18: Charitable Donation
Stuck on what to get your friend or family member for Christmas? Why not make a charitable donation in their name to a local organization that could use some support? No materials necessary, and you can both feel good knowing you’ve done something to help those in need.

December 19: Share a book!
Read a good book lately? Got a pile of classics sitting around collecting dust? Why not bundle up one or two of your top picks and give them as a gift to someone this Christmas? Passing on your favourites to others is a great, thoughtful holiday gift.

December 20: Yoga!
Treat your loved ones to some relaxation and physical fitness this Christmas with yoga classes at your local studio! Perfect for relieving the stress of the Christmas season! Namaste!

December 21: Edible Gifts
Always a good choice, a home cooked gift is a perfect Zero Waste Christmas present! Cookies, baked goods and other homemade creations are a great holiday treat and don’t require any excess packaging or wrapping! Instead of buying presents for friends, invite them over for a home cooked meal!

December 22: Snowshoeing or Skiing
Treat those special people in your life to a special day in the snow and get outside this Christmas!

December 23: Write a song or poem!
Embrace your inner creative and show how you feel by writing a poem or song to your loved one. It’s a gift worth more than anything material!

December 24: Give Nothing!
Make a deal with your family and friends to skip presents this year! You’ll all create less waste and you can worry about sharing quality time with each other instead!


December 25: Love!

This holiday, be bright and merry, be compassionate, be caring, be thoughtful, and share today with those who matter most to you, without worrying about material gifts.


Happy holidays!




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