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Waste Reduction Week 2020

October 20, 2020 Waste Reduction Week 2020

Zero Waste Yukon is proud to participate in Waste Reduction Week in Canada. This annual event runs from October 19th to 25th. It celebrates environmental efforts and achievements in communities across Canada, including the Yukon, while encouraging new innovative ideas and solutions.

Waste Reduction Week is occurring at an exciting time for Yukon residents, following announcements from both the territorial and federal governments to ban various single-use disposable materials such as single-use plastic grocery bags. Zero Waste Yukon is excited to see governments listening to the many voices in the Yukon who have advocated for real action to reduce our reliance on disposable items that are a risk to the environment.

Zero Waste Yukon will be featuring individuals and local businesses that are local leaders in waste reduction and sustainability. Follow Zero Waste Yukon on social media throughout Waste Reduction Week to see who the business environmental leaders and innovators are in the Yukon.

Waste Reduction Week Schedule

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