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The Cobblers are Coming to Town!

May 4, 2023 The Cobblers are Coming to Town!

Zero Waste Yukon is very excited to announce that we are bringing cobblers to Whitehorse! Ariss and Tess of Awl Together Leather will be taking up residence in the Reuseful store in Raven Recycling’s Depot from May 24-27. Drop by between 12-5pm with your shoes, boots, and other items in need of repair.

For all items brought in, Tess and Ariss will be offering an assessment and will coach you through basic care and repair FOR FREE! For more major repairs that can’t be completed here, they will be charging regular rates, including return shipping. Learn more here.

Drop-in Services

Tess and Ariss have a long list of items they can help you repair, including shoes, boots, hikers, jackets, outdoor gear, and bags; materials such as leather, denim, canvas, wool, pleather, etc.

Some of the repairs they can offer on-site include replacing faulty zipper heads, rivets, snaps, o-rings, d-rings, small hole patching, general conditioning of items and reglues on rubber.

Learn more about what services are free and which require payment here.

Workshop: Leather care & Repair


Ariss & Tess will also be holding a workshop on basic care and repair of leather items!

When: Friday, May 26, 7-8:30pm
Where: Raven Recycling’s Depot, 100 Galena Rd, Whitehorse
Sign up: Eventbrite
Cost: FREE!

Description: Learn a little about the history of leather as a textile and its sustainability, upkeep, and repair. Awl Together Leather will be teaching the basic tools and tricks that can be used in DIY leatherwork including the basics of leather care, simple sewing, patching, hardware issues and more. We’re very excited that the tools explained will be permanently available at the Whitehorse Tool Library. In this workshop, participants are encouraged to bring their items and questions for individualized attention in the last half an hour.

Capacity for this event is limited, so sign up quickly before tickets are gone!


Awl Together Leather will be located in the Reuseful Store in Raven Recycling’s Depot. Any person using mobility aids can easily be accommodated outside the storefront. The venue has gender-neutral washroom stalls, including a wheelchair accessible entrance through the Depot. Masks are not required, but are recommended to decrease the risk of COVID-19.


Ariss Grutter and Tess Gobeil co-own Awl Together Leather, East Vancouver’s custom leatherwork and shoe repair shop. Awl Together Leather was founded to decrease textile waste, educate about repair practices, and empower a new wave of cobblers and leatherworkers. Awl Together Leather repairs all types of leather or heavy-weight garments, including offering cobbling, clothing alterations, reconditioning services, and mail-ins options. You can learn more about Awl Together Leather at


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