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Take the Textiles Pledge: No new clothing in 2023!

February 21, 2023 Take the Textiles Pledge: No new clothing in 2023!

Due to the use of toxic dyes, fossil fuels, shipping, micro-plastic contamination, pesticide use on cotton farms, and so on, the fast fashion industry has been named one of the largest polluters on the planet.

Because the impact is so big, this provides us Yukoners with an opportunity to make an impact as consumers. Above all the other R’s in the chain, Reduce and Reuse have the most impact in terms of the waste we generate. By practicing these 2 R’s when it comes to clothing, we can eliminate the need for another clothing item to be made as well as all the resource extraction that goes with it.

We therefore invite you to join Zero Waste Yukon and Love2Thrift in committing to reducing our impact by buying no new clothing in the year 2023.

Sign our pledge to buy no new clothing in 2023! At year’s end, when you have completed our survey, we will enter your name in our draw for one of 3 zero waste prizes:

•  2 adult admission tickets to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve
•  Yukon Refillery gift certificate
•  Gift certificate for Lumel glassblowing workshop for 2

Find resources to help you fulfill your pledge here.

Sign the pledge here.







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