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Fireweed Market Survey highlights Yukoners’ waste concerns

October 4, 2019 Fireweed Market Survey highlights Yukoners’ waste concerns

Yukoners surveyed during Plastic Free July


For six weeks this summer, Zero Waste Yukon attended the Fireweed Community Market and surveyed market-goers about their waste concerns and what barriers they encounter when trying to reduce waste in their lives.

First off, thank you to all who participated. It was an engaging six weeks that left us with many new ideas and insights!

You can view the full survey results in PDF form at the bottom of this page, but here are some highlights:


What is the biggest waste issue that you see in your neighbourhood/town/community?

Some of the answers we received:

  • – “overconsumption”
  • – “packaging”
  • – “a throw away culture”
  • – “no recycling bags placed strategically for those walking around”
  • – “overpackaging”


More than half of individuals saw plastic as the biggest waste issue in their neighbourhood, town, and/or community.

For more than half the individuals who took our survey, single-use packaging, especially at grocery stores, is the largest barrier to living Zero Waste.


What do you think your largest barrier to living Zero Waste is?

Some of the answers we received:

  • – “food packaging”
  • – “stores not offering reusables”
  • – “convenience – still learning”


Plastic packaging in the grocery stores was a top concern of many people we spoke to. Many consumers felt helpless when shopping and feel that the grocery stores should be doing more to address this issue.


Other highlights


87% of people surveyed said they have changed their waste practices in the past year, with many bringing reusable bags or cups and reusing containers for food storage. Prioritizing second-hand items was another way in which people are suceeeding in reducing waste in their lives.

75% of people responded that they feel they are part of a community striving to meet Zero Waste! This is evidence that there is a strong community drive to make changes in how we consume.

Zero Waste Yukon is hoping to continue working to identify barriers to reaching Zero Waste and stimulating conversation about innovative ways we can build a waste-free North! If you’d like to join the conversation, get in touch on social media or at! You can also reach our office at 667-7269 ext. 27.

Read the full survey results



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