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Rec(ycle) Your Wreck Gallery

December 15, 2021 Rec(ycle) Your Wreck Gallery

Zero Waste Yukon and Raven Recycling’s: Rec (ycle) Your Wreck Photo Contest this summer was a huge success. People from across the Territory shared their photos of abandoned vehicles in the Yukon Landscape. This contest aimed to highlight the growing issue of abandoned vehicles in the Yukon.

What we need is a plan to ensure these vehicles make it to scrap yards or recyclers. That way they can contribute to the repair of vehicles on the road, or to recycling where their valuable metals are sustainably reused. A simple solution would be a fee on new car sales to cover the cost of recycling when the car no longer has any other value. A $400 charge on a $40,000 new car is a 1 per cent charge at purchase and it would make sure that cars would stop getting pushed into valleys, rivers and forests. This is exactly the model for electronic waste, which has been successful at diverting toxic electrical components (such as mercury and lead) away from our landfills.

People across the Yukon are frustrated with the piles of old cars littering the landscape. It’s time to change this predictable and solvable environmental issue. Raven Recycling and Zero Waste Yukon are pushing for policies that ensure end-of-life vehicles are managed in a way that ensures they don’t enter our landscape and that their hazardous components are disposed of properly.

Recycling your vehicle ensures hazardous materials don’t contaminate our landscapes, leaking into our precious water and soil. To recycle your end of life vehicle at Raven Recycling call 667-7269⁣

1st place: What’s Our Plan? Andrew Connors

Thank you to our prize sponsors: Air North, Yukon Brewing, Winterlong Brewing, The Yukon Transportation Museum, and the Yukon Wildlife Preserve.

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