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Raven’s Reuseful

December 9, 2022 Raven’s Reuseful


Welcome to Raven’s Reuseful!



We are pleased to announce the opening of Raven’s Reuseful, a not-for-profit second-hand store located in the Raven Recycling Depot. We hope to provide another avenue of reuse to the many items some no longer need, but others do.  This will help divert waste from our landfill, provide useful things to those in need at a low cost, and reduce what we ship out of the territory for recycling.


Quick Facts

• It’s not a Free-store. Everything will be $1 or less.
With textile sales we will continue to donate to the Fire Fighters Association.
Donations are only accepted on Thursdays, 9am-5pm (see below for more info).
We are a non-profit, which means what is not donated to charity will go into funding other Zero Waste initiatives for the community.
We have to pay landfill fees if we receive waste.


Hours of Operation:

Wednesday – Saturday   1pm-5pm

Please note that donations will not be accepted during opening hours.



In the Depot at Raven Recycling
Address: 100 Galena Rd., Whitehorse, YT


To Donate

Donations are only accepted on Thursdays, 9am-5pm. Please do not drop off donations without speaking to Reuseful’s staff members.

Zero Waste Yukon offers FREE scheduled pick-ups for those who can’t bring their items in on the 1st and third Thursdays of every month from 8:30am-12 noon.

What We Accept

This is a list of items we currently are accepting at Reuseful. If you have something not on the list but think it’s still useful in any way, please contact us and ask. We might be able to find a home for it! Please call 867-667-7269 Ex.8

Clothing – Please drop off all clothing donations and other textiles in the red bins outside. These will be sorted through by staff for items appropriate for Raven’s Reuseful. All textiles should be washed before they are brought in. Dirty textiles are not recyclable and are likely to be landfilled. Textiles are still accepted if they are worn or have holes. Textiles that are not chosen for Reuseful are sent south for recycling at Trans-Continental Textile Recycling Ltd.

Linen – Bedding, throws, pillows and blankets.

Books – fiction, non-fiction, magazines, children’s books. Due to space limits, we will not be accepting text books, fad diet books or cookbooks.

Toys – including board games and puzzles (only if they have all their pieces). No broken toys or fast food plastic toys, please.

Small Household Items  – Please note that space is limited for these items. If we are at capacity, we won’t be able to accept them. If they are broken or chipped, missing a piece or dirty we won’t have the space for them.

• Cookware & Bakeware
• Plates, Bowls & Dishes
• Cups, Glasses & Mugs
• Platters & Serving Bowls
• Small Kitchen Appliances
• Decor

If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them! Call 867-667-7269 Ex.8 


Not to Donate

We have very limited space and therefore must be very strict about what we will and won’t accept. Please do not bring in the following items:

• Liquids of any kind.
Baby Equipment – Strollers, Car seats, etc.
Large furniture
Building materials

Abandoning items that are not accepted here is classified as illegal dumping.

Raven Recycling has to pay tipping fees for all abandoned unrecyclable waste we bring to the landfill, which eats into our operating costs. Ensuring you don’t bring garbage into Reuseful means that this operation can remain viable.

If you have any questions contact us at 867-667-7269 Ex.8

We look forward to hearing from you!



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