Plastic Free July

Join the challenge and choose to refuse single-use plastic during July!


What’s Plastic Free July?

This summer, Zero Waste Yukon will again be joining over 2 million people worldwide in taking the Plastic Free July challenge!

It’s easy! For the month of July, simply avoid single-use plastic products! Refuse plastic bottles and bags, straws, disposable cups, cutlery and take-out containers. Reduce plastic consumption wherever possible. Carry your reusable items and recycle unavoidable items!

We know plastic is hard to avoid. You don’t have to eliminate everything! Try your best and think about the plastic you consume!

You can start with eliminating one item, or go big and see if you can live a whole month without any single-use plastic – it’s up to you!

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Plastic Free July isn’t just about buying a reusable cup or bag, it’s giving people the tools to  change their habits, to pause and think how we as individuals can make an impact for the better and reduce our reliance on plastic.


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