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North Star Mini Storage (Whitehorse)

November 2, 2017 North Star Mini Storage (Whitehorse)

North Star Mini Storage operates 4 storage facilities around Whitehorse and has more than 1000 tenants. That means that they have a lot of things in their storage units at all times. Unsurprisingly, over time much of that stuff ends up needing somewhere else to go, either because owners take on the job of downsizing, or abandon the unit altogether.

Lara Rae, who manages North Star, realized a couple of years ago that it would make sense if the company was directly involved in helping get rid of that stuff, with as much diversion as possible. To do that, last summer she worked with Zero Waste Yukon to hold their first community garage sale, where people could open up their storage units and sell items directly on site. They have also invited people living in condos and apartments to join and store their items in the week ahead of the sale date.

North Star is also one of the main partners behind the highly successful Indoor Community Garage Sale held at the Canada Games Centre the last two February’s.

Though the garage sales have been successful so far, they still end up with a lot of items left over. For that reason, the company is always trying to find other people who would like to take some of their items off their hands, particularly things like furniture.

When asked about her reasons for doing this, Lara says simply, “it just makes sense!” She adds that North Star is always informing customers of their options for diverting items for disposal, and that it also has a financial incentive since they can help reduce fees for disposal at the landfill.

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