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Morrison Hershfield

November 2, 2017 Morrison Hershfield

A month ago the team at Morrison Hershfield in Whitehorse decided to try to make their workplace a “zero waste office.”  The attached photo shows the total amount of waste their office produced last month – these are items they could not find a way to recycle.

As Forest Pearson shared “we are a professional consulting office with just 5 people, so it is pretty easy for us to do this.  But clearly we can do better: we need to work a bit harder on remembering to bring our re-usable coffee cups (which every one of us has).  Also I’ve been encouraging people to consider buying snacks that don’t have that foil-composite packaging (I always knew chocolate bars were bad!).”

They are well on their way to being a “zero waste office” and are pretty proud of the team’s efforts so far.

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