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Changing Gear

November 2, 2017 Changing Gear

Changing Gear has been helping people reuse sporting goods since they opened in August of 2016. Patrick Jackson, the owner of Changing Gear, first had the idea for the business 15 years ago. He recognized that the Yukon is a very active place with “lots of good gear that should be reused.” But it wasn’t until two years ago that he began researching how to bring his ideas to life.

Today, anyone can consign and purchase gently used sporting goods at Changing Gear. “The support from day one has been wonderful” says Patrick. For many, consignment is not strictly about earning money, they’re also “delighted that something potentially finds a home.”

Changing Gear encourages zero waste by helping to create positive attitudes about second hand goods. “If the gear people see is always in a pile or not cared for it has no attraction but put in the right spotlight and made presentable it is perfectly acceptable.”

Recently, Changing Gear has expanded their business to include regular Flea Markets throughout the summer and fall. With the closing of the Salvation Army in April of 2017, Patrick saw an opportunity “to give people a chance to sell or move along goods rather than throw it away.”

The Humane Society, a partner in the Whitehorse Flea Markets, will be accepting donations for the markets.

Changing Gear is located at 91810 Alaska Hwy.

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