About Us

Zero Waste Yukon is a loose-knit collaborative effort created to increase awareness and action in Yukon communities around consumption and disposal of resources. It is a community initiative with many stakeholders working together towards Zero Waste goals.

Since 2014, Zero Waste Yukon has been working to inspire change through public education and engagement, events, and support of Zero Waste initiatives in the Yukon Territory.


A healthy, thriving northern environment where resources are used ethically, efficiently, and where systems for effective resource recovery are established to reduce the negative effects of waste disposal.

A circular economy, where the ‘take-make-waste’ model is replaced with a closed-loop system, where products are designed to be suitable for repair, reuse and material recovery.


  • To challenge the current idea of waste by highlighting the value of resource recovery and sustainable design.
  • To educate and provide tools and strategies to guide Yukon towards Zero Waste.
  • To advocate for Zero Waste at local, territorial and federal levels and to engage local stakeholders on waste issues.
  • To support and celebrate local champions of Zero Waste and promote attainable and sustainable lifestyle choices.
  • To help the City of Whitehorse achieve its current goal of 50% waste diversion by 2020.

These efforts are in pursuit of our vision of innovative, connected, and sustainable communities prospering alongside regional and global ecosystems.

A group of passionate stakeholders have come together to help achieve Zero Waste in the Yukon. The stakeholder group is made up of a broad representation of organizations from across the Yukon, including Yukon Government, municipalities, businesses and non-profit organizations.


If you would like to get involved as a stakeholder or supporter, please contact us at info@zerowasteyukon.ca

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