Zero Waste Calculators

Live Smart BC | BC’s Ministry of Environment has developed a Lifestyle Carbon calculator that is based on cost rather than the amount of energy a certain product uses. Their website also offers information on living smart at work, at home, on the road and within your community, as well as incentives and rebate programs.

Zero Footprint The Zero Footprint Company in Toronto, Ontario organizes the Zero Footprint challenge for schools across Canada, and provides visual consumption tools (The Carbon Cube), as well as various calculators, widgets (quick and easy branded calculators), benchmarking services and more.

BC Hydro | BC Hydro’s website features a conservation calculator and provides energy saving tips and rebate information for your home and business.

The Passion for Action | The Passion for Action Company in Surrey, BC provides calculators, interactive tools and engagement solutions. See the “featured products” section for a variety of different tools.

EcoActionEcoAction is a Federal Government program that provides information and calculators for organizations and consumers.

The Footprint Network The Footprint Network is a company from Oakland, California that develops calculators for people, businesses, cities, and nations.

Centre for Sustainable Economy | The Centre for Sustainable Economy offers a generic footprint calculator.

WWF | The World Wildlife Fund’s website contains a calculator as well as tips for reducing consumption and helping the environment.


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