Yukon Chamber of Commerce Hosts A Zero Waste AGM!

June 16th, 2015 by


With the help of Zero Waste Yukon, the Yukon Chamber of Commerce was able to make their annual general meeting in Watson Lake a successful zero waste event!

Having embraced the idea of zero waste early in the planning stages, the Yukon Chamber of Commerce avoided the need to print roughly 2200 pages of paper and arranged to have all of the events, meals, and activities in their two day AGM produce no garbage. The small amount of waste that was produced was either recycled or composted, no trash at all was sent to the landfill. The Town of Watson Lake, which does not normally accept compost in their waste facility, even agreed to make an exception for this event and accept all the compost that was generated.

By taking the initiative to avoid creating garbage in the first place and recycle or compost as much as possible, the Yukon Chamber of Commerce demonstrated to participants and the community that achieving zero waste is entirely possible and feasible. Their efforts are already inspiring local leaders as the Mayor of Watson Lake commented on CBC following the event that he was seeing the need to have a public composting solution for Watson Lake.

Kudos to the Yukon Chamber of Commerce for working towards achieving zero waste!


For more information, please contact:

Ben Derochie
667 – 7269


To read Yukon Chamber of Commerce’s report on making their 2015 AGM a zero waste event, please click here


Photo attached courtesy of Yukon Chamber of Commerce

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