Whitehorse Trade Show Waste Diversion Impressive

May 10th, 2014 by


WHITEHORSE – The Lake Laberge Lion’s Club Trade Show achieved their best waste diversion rates ever at the 35th annual event last weekend.

“Thank you to the Lake Laberge Lions Club and ZeroWaste Yukon for diverting 85% of waste at the Trade Show,” said Mayor Dan Curtis. “They are helping us work towards the City’s goal of 50% less waste by 2015. They were able to match this goal and shoot past it,” Curtis said.

ZeroWaste Yukon worked with the Club and exhibitors to maximize waste diversion through recycling and composting. More than 8,000 people attended the 2 day event. Only 19 bags of garbage were sent to landfill, including less than 1 bag from the Kiwanis Club food concession. Recycling and composting efforts were impressive, collecting:

• 24 bags of compostable materials,

• 49 bags of recyclable plastic,

• 1 bin of recyclable paper, and

• more than 3 large bins of recyclable cardboard

These results were aided by the efforts of the Resource Rescue Team, made up of Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Cadets and ZeroWaste Yukon. The Team set up recycling stations and helped people understand the recycling and composting options that were available.

“The Trade Show can serve as an excellent model for other events in Whitehorse. Congratulations to all involved. This is the kind of community effort that is needed to reach our waste diversion goals,” said Deputy Mayor Jocelyn Curteanu.


2014-028 Waste Diversion at Trade Show Impressive

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