Equipment and Vehicle Maintenance

  • Avoid spilling oil and fluids to reduce the use of sorbent materials. Use a drip pan or squeegee to capture and reuse spilled fluids.
  • Launder oil sorbents to extend their useful life.
  • Send used heavy equipment air filters to be cleaned and reconditioned. Reconditioned filters, which are less expensive than new filters, can be reused as many as three times.
  • Invest in high-quality equipment and develop a preventative maintenance schedule to extend its life.
  • Evaluate minimal-waste parts cleaning systems. Only change solvent when it is too dirty to use, or recycle waste on-site. Contract with a parts washer solvent company that practices waste reduction to process and reuse dirty solvents.
  • Use steam or high-pressure water and soap for cleaning instead of chemical solvents.
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