In Your Garage/Workshop

  • Rent or borrow any items that are only occasionally used, such as ladders, camping gear or power tools
  • Buy nails and screws in bulk and store in old glass jars
  • Recycle any leftover liquid paint or aerosol paint containers
  • Reuse good leftover paint for projects. Leftover paint is available in different quantities at a low price at most paint stores.
  • Reuse glass jars for storing paint or used paint thinner, or for soaking and cleaning brushes (you can reuse the thinner when contents settle to the bottom)
  • Tightly wrap paint brushes used for oil-based paint projects and freeze until needed – there’s no need to wash first!
  • Recycle leftover solvents and fuels*
  • Recycle used vehicle batteries*
  • Return used motor oil, oil containers, oil filters and antifreeze*
  • All clean drywall, concrete and scrap metal is recyclable*
  • Compost untreated wood shavings or sawdust as a source of carbon in your backyard composter or City of Whitehorse Compost bin
  • Reuse old rags/towels for clean-up, staining, etc.

* Most of these items can be recycled for free at any community recycling depot and during hazardous waste days at the Whitehorse landfill.
See also these tips about reducing hazardous waste at work.

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