Single use plastic bags are banned in Mayo!

January 11th, 2014 by


Did you know that the Village of Mayo passed a bylaw in 2009 to ban the use of plastic bags? We just found out this week and wanted to share this great example of Zero Waste leadership! Across North America, many villages, towns and cities are currently having this debate and it’s great to see a working example right here in the Yukon.

According to Margrit Wozniak, Chief Administrator of the Village of Mayo, “the local grocery store was part of the initial discussions and were in support of the bylaw. They have re-useable bags for sale and paper bags for customers who forget to bring their bags.” Wozniak shared that this ban has made a big difference at the landfill over the past 3 years and that people seem to have gotten in the habit of taking all their recyclable cloth bags with them when they go shopping, even when they head into Whitehorse.

The actual bylaw can be found here: single use plastic bag ban in Mayo bylaw

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