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Explore the following websites for lesson plans and activities that present Zero Waste concepts

Exploring the Circular Economy
Free resources designed to help students explore the key concepts and habits of mind underpinning systems thinking as it relates to a circular economy.
Highlights: Module on systems thinking for highschool students developed in collaboration with IB. 

Learning for a Sustainable Future
Non-profit website created to integrate sustainability education into Canada’s education system. Provides professional learning modules for teachers as well as links to other programs containing waste reduction lessons and education for sustainable development.
Highlights: Resources for Rethinking; Connecting the Dots: Key Strategies that Transform Learning.

Resources for Rethinking
Connects teachers to lesson plans, books, videos and other materials that have been reviewed by teachers and matched to relevant curriculum outcomes for each province and territory. Most available for free download.
Highlights: Search bar for resources which can be refined based on theme, subject, grade and resource type. Over 1000 resources.

Ontario Eco Schools: Waste Minimization Learning Activities
Lessons for grades 1-8 designed to foster environmental literacy and teach ecological ideas for energy conservation and waste minimization.
Highlights: Extra resources and extensions for lessons included.

Waste Reduction Week in Canada: School Resources
School resource kit for implementing sustainability in schools and teaching waste reduction, links to other useful resources.
Highlights: School resource kit contains detailed waste assessment guide and other useful resources.

More teaching resources


Engineering for Good: Project-based Learning (Grades K-12)

EcoKids: Learning Activities (Grades K-8)

Green Education Foundation: Curriculum (Grades K-12)

NatureBridge: Garbology Teacher Resources (Grades K-12)

Government of BC: Best Practices for School Sustainability (Grades K-12)

California Department of Resources and Recycling: Closing the Loop Curriculum (Grades K-6)

StopWaste: Doing the 4 Rs Classroom Activity Guide (Grades 4-5)

Climate Justice Project: Lessons for Transformation – Rethinking Waste (Grades 8-12)

Kids Science Challenge: Zero Waste Lesson Plans (Grades 3-6)

Education World: Lessons (Grades K-12)


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