Yukon Recycling – Acceptable Items


  • All aluminum cans
  • All glass bottles (wine / beer / spirits)
  • All plastic pop bottles


  • All clean Plastics are accepted
  • Styrofoam can also now be recycled at Raven Recycling
  • Bag your bags! All film plastic (grocery bags, bread bags, cling wrap, sheet plastic etc.) should be placed in one bag and securely tied.

Paper and cardboard

  • Must be clean and free from glue, sparkles, plastic, paint or other contaminants.
  • Examples include office paper, newsprint, magazines, catalogues, inserts and flyers, telephone directories, file folders, calendars, packing paper, gift wrap (no foil), post-it notes, cereal boxes, detergent boxes, shoe boxes, egg cartons, etc.
  • Corrugated cardboard is also accepted and is now a controlled substance at the (controlled substance tipping fees will take effect May 1, 2014)Whitehorse Landfill (no waxed or soiled cardboard please – this should be composted).

Tin cans

  • All clean and flattened tin foil, aluminum pie plates, etc.
  • Tin cans and lids are accepted (remember to remove labels).


  • All clean glass containers, lids removed, are accepted

Tetra Packs

  • All clean tetra packs / wax milk cartons are accepted

The City of Whitehorse has created a great recycling guide to help figure out where and how to dispose of all waste.

We have also created a series of 6 information sheets (below) to give you more information. Double click the image to access the pdf.

aluminum screen shotcardboard box screenshotcompost screen shotglass screenshot

screen shot newspapersplastics screenshot


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