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NEW – The Perfectly Good Household Goods Reuse Program

December 21, 2017 NEW – The Perfectly Good Household Goods Reuse Program

In Whitehorse, the recent closures of thrift and free stores has meant a wealth of household goods are being disposed of rather than reused. These closures have also affected housing organizations that previously sourced items from these spaces to help furnish homes. This program was created to support organizations working on housing initiatives by filling that gap.

When consulted, many organizations cited storage and managing goods as major barriers to acquiring used items. North Star Mini Storage, in partnership with Zero Waste Yukon, has created a program to overcome these barriers to make household goods accessible to organizations working to provide housing in Yukon communities. North Star Mini Storage has agreed to provide storage space for items while Zero Waste Yukon will be responsible for coordinating the calls for materials, managing an inventory list, and communicating with organizations seeking goods.

Program Details:

-This program will run for one year. At the end of one year the program will be reevaluated.

-Materials are only available for organizations working on local housing initiatives

-There will be two controlled and staffed intake of household goods. One will occur on February 10th 2018 during the Indoor Community Garage Sale at the Canada Games Center and another in the spring/summer of 2018. Zero Waste Yukon is responsible for organizing these events. Controlled intakes where materials are assessed before being accepted are key to ensuring only usable goods are acquired. It also prevents illegal of dumping of materials at North Star Mini Storage.

-Zero Waste Yukon will survey participating organizations to determine specifically which items are needed most before the first intake of goods.

-Marketing for these events will target specific goods based on survey results and also clearly communicate quality requirements.

-Zero Waste Yukon will manage and make accessible an inventory list of materials held in storage.

The first intake of items will be on February 10th at the Indoor Community Garage Sale and Repair Fair. We are currently collecting feedback on exactly what items are needed by organizations working on housing initiatives. The survey is live and available here:


This program was made possible with support from the Community Development Fund.


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