BYTE Yukon

    BYTE Yukon has been working with a Zero Waste philosophy for a number of years. In addition to the basics of recycling (paper, plastics, bottles & cans) they have also implemented the following ideas: There are more recycling bins than garbage bins spread about the office to help ensure that people’s first instinct is to recycle All paper products purchased by the office are 100% recycled. This includes printing paper, paper… Read More

    Yukon College

    The best meeting you’ll be invited to is a CRAP one at Yukon College They gather regularly, usually in the same location, handy to a microwave since the only time they can meet to discuss Composting, Recycling, And other Projects (yes, that acronym is CRAP) is generally at lunch because of hectic, busy schedules.  They are meetings where passion and ideas meet action. The CRAP committee began in 2008 as a special… Read More

    St. Elias Community School - Haines Junction

      Cindi Cowie started working at St.Elias Community School, in Haines Junction, four years ago, and has always found recycling and composting to be important. Shortly after she began working at the school, Danny Lewis from Raven Recycling came to Haines Junction and gave a presentation about waste diversion. At the time, the school had a small amount of recycling going on, being lead by Cathy McKinnon, but Cindi was… Read More

    Salvation Army (Whitehorse)

      In many ways, the Salvation Army is an obvious choice as a Zero Hero. After all, their thrift store business in which people donate still-useful items such as clothing, books, furniture and appliances to be sold at relatively cheap prices is one of the most well-known and easy ways of diverting items from the landfill. However, there is even more to the Salvation Army’s work than that which is visible… Read More

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