Morrison Hershfield

    A month ago the team at Morrison Hershfield in Whitehorse decided to try to make their workplace a “zero waste office.”  The attached photo shows the total amount of waste their office produced last month – these are items they could not find a way to recycle. As Forest Pearson shared “we are a professional consulting office with just 5 people, so it is pretty easy for us to do… Read More

    Independent Grocer (Whitehorse)

    Almost two years ago, Mark Wykes made a big change in the way Independent Grocer approached its waste.  A number of factors brought his attention to the grocery store’s waste strategy.  Facing challenges with their garbage pickup, Mark knew they could be doing things more economically.  Mark also recognized that this was an opportunity to improve the store’s practices.  Having been approached by Whitehorse’s two recyclers, he knew that much… Read More

    Northerm (Yukon)

    When making a move to their new building, Northerm shifted not only their location, but their approach to waste  They made some changes on their own, then hired someone to do an environmental audit, identifying how the company could maximize reuse or recycling of materials otherwise being sent to the landfill.  The zerowaste principles that they have put in place have since reduced their waste by two thirds, while cutting… Read More

    Canadian Tire (Whitehorse)

    Over the past 8 years, since moving into their new location at the bottom of 2 Mile Hill, Canadian Tire has been working hard to reduce the amount of product packaging and other waste that ends up in the garbage dumpster. Cardboard makes up a sizeable amount of the business’s waste product, and General Manager Dwayne Lesiuk estimates that they’re currently able to recycle about 99.5% of it. For the… Read More

    Alpine Bakery (Whitehorse)

    Alpine Bakery has been diverting waste and reducing its environmental impact for 21 years – as long as it’s been in its current building at 5th and Alexander street in downtown Whitehorse. Composting at Alpine Bakery began before the city even began its residential curbside compost pickup, with the help of local farmers who would take it away to be turned into food for their plants. Currently that farmer is… Read More

    North Star Mini Storage (Whitehorse)

    North Star Mini Storage operates 4 storage facilities around Whitehorse and has more than 1000 tenants. That means that they have a lot of things in their storage units at all times. Unsurprisingly, over time much of that stuff ends up needing somewhere else to go, either because owners take on the job of downsizing, or abandon the unit altogether. Lara Rae, who manages North Star, realized a couple of… Read More

    Westmark Hotel (Whitehorse)

      The Westmark, the largest hotel in Whitehorse, and over the years has been doing a lot to reduce its contribution to the landfill. They recycle their cardboard by way of Raven Recycling’s pick-up service, have blue bins in all their guest rooms and recycle other things like plastic and paper. Westmark has also gone a step further by working with KBL , who take items like batteries, scrap metal,… Read More

    Changing Gear

    Changing Gear has been helping people reuse sporting goods since they opened in August of 2016. Patrick Jackson, the owner of Changing Gear, first had the idea for the business 15 years ago. He recognized that the Yukon is a very active place with “lots of good gear that should be reused.” But it wasn’t until two years ago that he began researching how to bring his ideas to life.… Read More

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