Haines Junction – Waste Watch Week 1 Results

April 25th, 2014 by

Results released – Haines Junction Waste Watch Week

 Haines Junction:  Results from Week 1 of Waste Watch Week are in with the Mayor and Council of Haines Junction producing and collecting one cubic yard of waste during Waste Watch Week, March 31 to April 6th.

Each individual councillor and their family collected all their waste for the week and brought it to Raven Recycling for a waste audit.  The waste was sorted and they were given tips on how to divert more from the waste stream.

“This is a great way to learn about the garbage my family produces,” says Councillor Charlebois.  “I’m learning that the way my home recycling and composting system is organized can help increase our diversion, and to avoid purchasing certain products in the future.”

The overall diversion rate achieved by Mayor and Council during the week was 78%.  Mayor and Council started Week 2 on Wednesday and are keen to divert even more and see how close they can get to zero waste.

“In the long run, we simply can’t afford to fill up our landfill and build a new one.” says Mayor Crawshay.  “Not only is this a fun challenge, it gives us lots to think about as far as how we manage the landfill and compost facility.  I’d recommend this exercise to all Mayors and Councils!”

Lessons learned from this first audit revealed the following:

  • Used paper napkins, Kleenex, paper towel, wax paper etc. can go in the compost
  • Cooked food waste, hair, meat scraps, grains, etc. as well as vegetable scraps can all be composted  – use the village compost if people are worried about animals and their own home composting systems
  • Individual bar and candy wrappers cannot currently be recycled – try to avoid purchasing them
  • Try to avoid purchasing single serving containers (such as individual yogurt containers)
  • Gatorade / frozen o.j. containers – (separate cardboard from metal) – cardboard goes into mixed paper, metal into the metal recycling
  • Better off to recycle paper than burn it – if paper is needed as fire starter, use paper egg cartons, plain paper or newspaper, not glossy or coloured paper
  • Vast majority of the recycling was plastics, especially soft plastics.  Soft plastics are not worth anything to the processors – check the number on the bottom of the container and try to buy #1’s and 2’s

Week 2 of Waste Watch Week started April 9th and runs to April 15th.  An audit will be done in Haines Junction on April 16th with a release of final results on April 18th.


For more information:

Mayor Mike Crawshay: 634-2115 (work) 634-7024 (home)

Councillor Angie Charlebois  332-0010

Councillor Dave Weir 634-5141

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