Haines Junction challenges other communities to Waste Watch Week

April 25th, 2014 by

Results released – Haines Junction Challenges Other Communities to Waste Watch Week

 Haines Junction:  The Mayor and Council of Haines Junction announced today the results from their second Waste Watch Week.  From April 9th to 15th each individual councillor and their family collected all their waste, then had it audited at the recycling depot.  Results were compared to the results from a similar week earlier this month.

“It’s amazing how much we have diverted from our landfill,” says Councillor Dave Weir “All the actual garbage that my family of four produced in a week fit in a sandwich bag.”

The overall diversion rate achieved by Mayor and Council during the week was 88%, with individual diversion rates reaching 99.8%.  “I think that to improve from here, we need to focus on some of the purchasing decisions we make,” says Councillor Bruce Tomlin “Really, the main thing left in our garbage was individual candy and granola bar wrappers.”

Some of the lessons learned from this second audit were:

  • It’s clear what a huge impact disposable diapers have on how much garbage we produce.  For families with young children, they were easily the #1 item going into the landfill.
  • Candy, granola bar and chip wrappers were #2 on the list of non-recyclable items.
  • Used paper towel and Kleenex led the list of items that were thrown in the garbage that could have been diverted into the compost.

“One great thing about Waste Watch Week is that it has given us a really clear indication of what to emphasize in our efforts to reduce the garbage going into our landfill.” says Councillor Thomas Eckervogt.

In the hope of encouraging other communities to try it out, Mayor and Council will bring their findings to the Association of Yukon Communities annual conference in Dawson City in May.  “We’d like to challenge other Yukon communities to give this a whirl,”  says Mayor Mike Crawshay. “It was fun, informative, and I think we showed local residents that we really can walk the walk on zero waste.”


For more information:

Mayor Mike Crawshay: 634-2115 (work) 634-7024 (home)

Councillor Bruce Tomlin  634-2117

Councillor Dave Weir 634-5141

Councillor Thomas Eckervogt 634-2268 (work) 634-2637 (home)



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