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Classroom Waste Audit Contest

November 21, 2017 Classroom Waste Audit Contest

Zero Waste Yukon is proud to announce the winners of our 2017 Waste Audit contest, Erica Keenan’s
grade 4/5/6 class at Teslin Community School! These lucky students will be the recipients of a free class
trip to the Canada Games Centre!

This contest was set up to teach students about what is in their classroom waste and how it should be
properly sorted, as well as to get them thinking about consumption in their daily lives. Several classes
across the Yukon were given a kit containing all the materials and instruction needed to sort through
their classroom’s garbage, and measure the amounts of each material they found.

Included in the waste audit kits:

  • Sorting cards identifying different materials (organics, glass, plastic, paper, refundables, metal,
    and other waste)
  • Gloves and tongs for sorting
  • Bags for sorted material
  • Instructions and questions to guide class discussion

Students sorted everything they found in their classroom garbage bin, and in doing so learned a lot
about proper disposal of different materials. Congratulations to all participating schools on a job well

Thanks to all the teachers who signed up their classes and performed waste audits! And a big thank you
to the students for jumping in eagerly and getting their gloves dirty! We hope you learned a lot about
reducing consumption, reusing what you can, and recycling or composting the rest!


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