Why Zero Waste & Why Now


Per capita waste generation has increased by 37% in Whitehorse alone over the past 12 years. Waste Management facilities are finite resources that must be replaced when capacity is reached and this has financial and environmental impacts. It also has significant logistical impact as no one wants a landfill next to their house…

Zero Waste is a lofty goal. We acknowledge that getting rid of 100% of our waste is a very challenging idea, particularly because so many factors are outside of our control (e.g. product design, manufacturing processes). But we also understand that it is the right thing to do, there are lots of factors within our control, and the closer we get the better.

Everyone has a role. There are hundreds of ways that individuals and businesses can work to reduce consumption and waste production – and protect the environment and save money along the way. We challenge you to do a little bit more every day to get us closer to Zero Waste.
In essence, we are asking: “How far can we get today?” Here’s how you can help:

Talk it up

  • We want to hear your ideas about how you are making small changes everyday to help your family or business make better use of materials and produce less garbage. We can then share these with others to help them learn
  • We want to hear stories about Zero Heroes – people or organizations that are out making a real effort in this area. We want to celebrate their actions and share their stories

Take Action

The challenge of getting to Zero Waste can feel easier if you:

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