Stakeholders & Supporters

A group of passionate stakeholders have come together to help make Zero Waste by 2040 a reality for the Yukon. The City of Whitehorse has boldly created a 50% diversion target for 2015 and this is the first short term measurable goal that everyone is working towards.

The stakeholder group is made up of a broad representation of organizations from across the Yukon, being lead by Yukon Government Department of Community Services, City of Whitehorse, Raven Recycling, Yukon Government Department of Education, Yukon Chamber of Commerce, Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce, Yukon College and the Village of Haines Junction.

In addition to the stakeholders, we also have a broad group of supporting organizations that are helping to move Zero Waste forward across the Yukon. A complete list of the supporters is:


If you would like to get involved and become a stakeholder or supporter, please contact us at

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