Zero Waste Yukon

Every day, we buy things we don’t need, and throw out stuff that still has a lot of value. There are huge financial and environmental benefits to breaking this pattern. This is what Zero Waste is all about. Zero Waste offers a new way of thinking about garbage. According to Zero Waste principles, there is no such thing as “waste,” there are only wasted resources.

Resources are wasted at every step of the “life cycle” of a product when:

  • Products are designed using materials that are hard to reuse/recycle, and/or are designed to wear out quickly
  • Production processes are inefficient and use too much energy, water and other resources, and produce    hazardous waste
  • Too much packaging is used to deliver products to market
  • People buy things that they don’t really need, and/or buy disposable or single-use items
  • People throw things away instead of finding new uses for them, or recycling them

Achieving Zero Waste in our territory is a big goal, and we may never become 100% waste-free. But we can get close, and small changes can have a big impact. Getting to Zero Waste can feel easier if you:

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